10 Things To Do Over Half Term

Half Term has come around quick and it can be tricky to think what you can do to keep your children occupied, especially after already spending so much time as a family at home due to lockdowns! To save you the time of thinking of things to do, we've created the top 20 things to do this half term holiday.

  1. RocketLearn Half Term Holiday Camp We couldn't create a top 20 list without mentioning our own Half Term Holiday Camp! With daily maths and English lesson broadcasts, afternoon creative sessions, competitions and quizzes, our Holiday Camp is a sure way to keep your children entertained this holiday with some light learning. If you would like to sign up for our holiday camp click here.

  2. 10-minute challenges Authorfly have great 10 minute challenges set by best selling authors and illustrators. Check them out here for a daily dose of creativity and fun.

  3. Enter A Competition There are so many competitions you can enter online, including this Nest Friends competition, where you can win 1x winning bundle of Jumbo Insects, Critter Habitat and Explorer Scope. Whilst 2 runners up will receive a Critter Habitat. All you need to do is design a bee B&B from materials around the house!

  4. Litter Pick Not only is doing a litter pick great for the environment and your local area, it is also a fantastic way to get some fresh air and exercise. Win win! If you are a competitive family why not see who can collect the most litter?

  5. Less screen time, more board time! Check out our previous blog post on the top board games you can play as a family. Board games not only mean time off screens, they also provide a great way for a family to spend time together.

  6. THUNKS You may not know what a 'thunk' is, well it's a question that makes your brain hurt! Download our list of thunks here.

  7. Comedy Health and Wellbeing Films for Kids Dirliebane Theatre Company presents ten short online comedy films to support emotional health for children ages 6–12. Dirliebane Theatre Company, who specialise in playful and engaging theatre clown, have created ten short films that are funny, silly and emotional. Watch them here!

  8. Go to the zoo Going to the zoo is a classic family day out and now we can travel this might be a perfect outing! Don't worry, if you can't travel, visit the zoo virtually! Several zoos in the UK have live streaming webcams. Viewers can get a glimpse of Yang Guang the panda at Edinburgh Zoo (edinburghzoo.org.uk), Dublin Zoo’s (dublinzoo.ie) elephants and Paignton Zoo’s (paigntonzoo.org.uk) flamingos.

  9. Paint a portrait Whether you sign up for a virtual paint-along, or join an in-person class there are so many artsy options out there! Follow the painting legend Bob Ross on YouTube to learn the art of art! Do this activity as a family and have each person paint one member of the family, that way you will have a family portrait!

  10. Go to Hogwarts Seriously! Go to Hogwarts! Join the likes of Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione by taking up Defence Against the Dark Arts or Charms. Hogwarts is Here allows you to enrol in Hogwarts and even submit assignments to be marked by a Hogwarts professor

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