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  • Who is RocketLearn for?
    RocketLearn has been designed for children aged 7-16 who wish to learn and progress beyond the confines of the school classroom. Each child has their own RocketLearn personal learning journey tailored to them. This means our programme appeals to those who need stretching and challenging beyond the classroom as well as those who may need extra support. Having worked in senior positions in schools we have seen how technology, when used properly, can improve and enhance progress. RocketLearn brings online learning platforms usually accessed by schools directly to your home. It enables your child to access a varied exciting range of academic enrichment opportunities at a level suitable for them. The data this generates enables learning to be tailored specifically for them - we have some children engaged in engineering projects that are developing critical thinking skills, whist others are using RocketLearn to catch up on maths. This is the beauty of RocketLearn - it is tailored to YOUR child.
  • What is RocketLearn?
    RocketLearn is an academic enrichment package. We strive for excellence in all that we provide and believe our package will enable your child to also be excellent. We encourage independence by providing your child with a wide range of topics and subjects together with different platforms. We have a passion for learning and we aim to instil that in your child by offering a flexible, personalised and exciting learning path.
  • How much time do we need to commit to the programme?
    It’s up to you! We ask that your child spends at least one hour a week on our academic platforms to ensure that the monthly report can be useful. We hope your child will be inspired and enthused and will thus naturally spend more time on the programme.
  • How do I get started?
    Once you have signed up we will send you your welcome pack, together with instructional videos and personalised logins so your child can start learning. Our team are on hand to answer any queries you may have, and can offer a complimentary one to one online session to get you started should you feel you need it. We will call you within the first two weeks to ensure you are getting the most out of the experience and offer tips and advice should you need them.
  • What technology do we need?
    The programmes we use work best on a desktop or laptop computer and all need internet access. Our coaching, webinars and classes are all delivered via the Zoom platform.
  • Do we have to access the platform at certain times?
    No! We recognise in the modern world learning needs to be flexible and suit your family situation specifically. For example some children may choose to do one or more hourly sessions at the same time each week, while others may prefer a “little and often” approach and do 15/20 minutes a day, the choice is entirely yours. We do hold the academic coaching at the same time weekly - purely for logistical reasons.
  • Who are your academic coaches?
    All our coaches are experienced qualified teachers. They all hold current DBS certificates and are trained in the online learning platforms we offer.
  • Can I use it to home school?
    If you are looking at home schooling and do not want the pressure of planning and delivering this all yourself, RocketLearn can definitely help. We do provide additional services for those who are home schooling - please contact us for more information.
  • Why do you use different platforms?
    We have used our years of experience in the education sector to bring together what we believe to be the perfect online learning combination. By offering a range of platforms, we can help your child dip in and out of the elements that suit them best. We know one size does not fit all - hence our decision to include several.
  • How do I upgrade or cancel my membership?
    To upgrade to BOOST just let us know at and we shall get you set up. To cancel (we hope you won’t want to) it’s very easy. Please email We ask for two weeks notice- further details can be found in our terms and conditions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for FAQs or try us out for yourself.
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