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Understand how your child is doing at school and what you can do to support them. 


Parents often feel in the dark about their child’s progress, not least because time with teachers in school is so limited and reports can often be lacking in detail or context for parents.


We now offer assessment as a stand alone product for those families who want to know how their child is doing before making any decisions on tutoring or school choice (especially if internationally-based and considering a UK independent school).

• Gives you a clear indication of how your child is doing in terms of UK education standards

• Offers tailored expert advice on how to help your child progress

• Enables your child's progress to be monitored so they can be proud of their achievements.

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Assessment and Progress Report with RocketLearn
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What we deliver when you purchase a progress assessment

As overseas parents, perhaps with an eye on returning to the UK, it can be difficult to know what you should be doing to keep your child’s learning on track. The UK education system can be complicated and entrance requirements vary hugely based on your choice and location of school.  A personal assessment for your child gives you: 

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Access to the leading online assessment tool for children, as used in the very best UK schools

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Comprehensive teacher analysis of existing strengths and recommended areas for development

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Testing in English, Maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning (it takes approximately 80 minutes in total to complete)

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One-to-one debrief phone call with an experienced UK teacher to discuss the report contents

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A full report on your child’s performance compared to UK pupils of their age, together with an academic action plan of next steps



“In the last 12 months, Archie has moved up from set 5 to set 2 in maths. He's now so self-motivated and his confidence is soaring. Thank you RocketLearn!"


—  Parent, Harrogate


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