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What we do...

RocketLearn is the new way to help your child excel and engage academically - it is a hybrid of tutoring, online learning and academic enrichment. It combines the best of ed-tech platforms with real teacher intervention. We recognise every child is different and on RocketLearn every learning journey is different. By combining the best of technology with our years of expertise, we offer a programme that gives real results. Cost-effective, stress-free, and FUN learning for the modern-day family.

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Access and support to online learning platforms 

Your child will be able to access a wide range of online learning platforms, whether they need to practice their spelling, benefit from additional support or prepare for an exam – we’ve got you covered.  

Individual academic coach for each child with weekly feedback.

Your child's progress will be overseen by their own academic coach (a UK qualified teacher) who will provide them with a weekly personal video giving them feedback on their work and assigning them next steps. A great way to ensure YOUR child has no gaps in their knowledge and is learning what is right for them - no two children are the same.