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Ed-tech Platforms

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There is a vast choice of ed-tech platforms available to schools and parents, so here at RocketLearn we have selected those platforms which we believe aid and encourage both academic progress and interest. Our combination of platforms has been carefully chosen, each one bringing something the other doesn't.

The one commonality across all the programmes is that they enable us, as experienced teaching professionals, to give parents useful feedback and tailored learning journeys for each child.

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STEAM School is a virtual club for future inventors and tech entrepreneurs aged 9-14.

The platform is used in schools across the country through science based Missions each year, exploring real-world science and futuristic technology.

STEAM Missions change regularly and are far-reaching, ranging from space Missions, entrepreneurship or futuristic transportation which piques your child's interest.

Each Mission has a series of 30-45 minute broadcasts, which enables students to hear from leading experts in their field, such as those from the company that founded Fortnite, to experts on the British Antarctic Survey. After watching a broadcast, students can complete a quick quiz or they can delve further into their exploration of the Mission.

Each Mission has its challenges, which you can complete as a scientist, artist, engineer, entrepreneur, digital maker or leader. Each challenge has three levels, with accompanying resources to research and guide students through the challenge.
We have chosen STEAM school as one of our partners, as it ignites student interests in areas outside of the traditional school curriculum - academic enrichment at its finest!

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IXL is used by over 11 million students across the world. It enables quick-fire practice in Maths and English skills. The platform records your child's progress, enabling the RocketLearn academic coach to set appropriate work and to provide you, as a parent, with insightful information as to where your child is either struggling or excelling. This process allows for recommendations of the next steps suitable for your individual child. It is estimated that children complete 1200 maths questions in an academic school year, we find our students complete 100 in one hour. This platform is great for practice and instilling knowledge into long term memories.

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CenturyTech uses the latest in AI to identify gaps in knowledge and misconceptions your child may have. The platform offers Maths, English and Science. In addition to questions, there are explainer videos and worked examples to aid the learner. We find that many of our students use CentruyTech not just to complete the work set by their academic coach, but also to help them with their school homework, due to the plethora of topics and information covered. CenturyTech's detailed reporting and analysis of student performance enables RocketLearn academic coaches to ensure students complete work which

will aid their individual progress - not generic work set by a teacher aimed for all.

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