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We are looking forward to our Christmas Camp. This year it will be running from Monday 20th December until Thursday 23rd December.  If you are an individual please sign up here, if you are a school please sign up here.

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Creative Writing Competition

We will spend the week looking at how to craft the perfect story! From choosing a catchy title to a genre, to building the main characters we will walk you through how to make a story to be proud of! There will be a £100 prize for the winners -  why not get your creative juices flowing and give it a try! 


Maths Mash Up
Our Maths content is mapped to the UK curriculum, with three different levels for Years 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. Our School videos come complete with online quizzes, instant feedback and the opportunity to win certificates. Children will have access to all levels, so if your child finds a level too easy / difficult they are free to try out all three groups. 


Our daily well-being sessions will get your child thinking about their thinking! In the current climate we know how important it is for children to have a positive resilient mental attitude. Our videos, together with tasks will get the whole family thinking as to how positivity can influence your outlook.


PE Challenges
Brought to you by PE Challenges, our daily fun challenge will involve using household objects, dexterity and imagination! Designed to be quick, easy and fun, to help develop your physical skills.


Academic Enrichment 
This week we will be looking at the importance of learning new skills and trying some out for ourselves! We will have a go at juggling, origami, beat boxing and even rubber band magic. Surprise yourself with how quickly you can learn a new skill when you get out of your comfort zone!

Our Winter Camp  is £5/day with access from the 20th December. 


If you would like to give your students free access to our Christmas holiday programme as a great cost-effective way to keep learning going over the holiday or to use in school in December  please sign up below. Or for more details or take a look at our sister site 
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