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FREE Lockdown Learning Resources for Schools 

As ex-Heads ourselves we want to support teachers across the UK who are faced with unprecedented times.  Providing remote learning is difficult, whilst there are many resources out there, they are not stand alone options and still require teacher input.  After testing our method over Christmas, with hundreds of children taking part, we have put together a solution which involves no teacher input and enables children to continue learning.

We have devised a suite of lessons and work which schools can send out to students to watch and complete online. Keep your students busy and learning through lockdown. No logins needed, no fancy equipment – our online lessons and work can be accessed from any device- so long as you have the link. 


Each week we will cover a different maths topic and a different English one. Each day there will be:


- 3 Maths lessons (1 each for years 3&4, 5&6, 7&8) 


- 3 English lessons (1 each for years 3&4, 5&6, 7&8) 


Online work which is automatically marked in both Maths & English. 


Schools will be sent a unique link which can be sent out to parents and children so they can participate at home. We will also feedback results of completed work for any schools who would like this information so that it can inform your teaching plans for later in the year. 


If you would like to receive access to these free lessons and work  please complete this form below.

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