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The Undeniable Benefits Of engaging in school work outside of the classroom for primary aged children

Understandably, all parents will want to ensure that their children are getting the best possible education and even if they have good primary school teachers, sometimes a standard school day isn’t enough. Whether your child is falling behind in class or on the contrary, they’re doing exceptionally well and getting bored, there are some things you can do as a parent to help ensure their education isn’t suffering.


It is becoming increasingly common for parents to consider hiring a private tutor or supplement their learning with extra classes or online programmes at some time during their child’s primary school years and this is arguably one of the best ways to support their child’s schooling. Whether your child is interested in going to a grammar school, private school or a state secondary school, engaging in additional academic work outside of the classroom can be really advantageous throughout years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of engaging in this additional learning, whether with a private tutor or via another method such as online learning platforms for primary aged children.


Targeted learning


Using a tutor on a scheme where a teacher monitors your child’s progress can enable your child to focus specifically on certain areas. The tuition provided will be tailored to your child’s individual needs. Every child excels in a different area and struggles with different topics – targeted learning means your child is spending their time efficiently on the areas they need to focus on.


Work at your child’s pace


Unlike in primary school when teachers have to get through the national curriculum in a set number of lessons, a private tutor or online learning package such as RocketLearn which combines tutoring and online learning will ensure your child is learning at a pace that suits them. If needed, they can slow things down and go over anything that your child didn’t understand when taught the first time around in school. You can trust that the primary tuition provided will help to ensure that your child has all of the information they need to grasp each and every subject.


Receive personalised feedback


As a parent, it is difficult to know exactly where your child is at with their learning, especially when you’re not provided much information by their primary school teachers. When working with a private tutor, you can get a better insight into your child’s learning journey, enabling you to support them when needed to ensure that they know everything they should do at this point in their education. The feedback you receive from a tutor about your child’s progress will be invaluable. Schemes such as RocketLearn also provide full comprehensive reports which can help you work with your child’s teacher to ensure they understand your child and their needs.


Flexible and convenient


Tutoring delivered online can be very convenient as it enables you to have the sessions from the comfort of your own home. Do make sure the tutor holds a valid DBS and try to be around when they are learning. Using online programmes to supplement tutoring gives even more flexibility and convenience as children can complete work as they want to with only the tutoring session having to be at a set time.


Keep your child’s brain engaged


During the summer holidays, having a private tutor or engaging in online learning will help to ensure that your child's ability doesn’t suffer from having weeks off of school, a known phenomenon called the Summer Slide. Regularly undertaking some primary school work in Maths and English can help keep your child’s brain stimulated when they’re not in the classroom and it will help to ensure they start the new school year on the right track. Continued holiday learning can make a difference to how your child performs throughout their first term and how easy they find returning to school in September.


Finding a private tutor or additional learning for primary school children


Ultimately, there is no denying that arranging some private tutoring for your child can be incredibly beneficial when they’re in primary school and it will help to ensure that they’re ready for the next stages of their education. Whether your child needs practice in one specific subject area, they need additional support to help them catch up or they’re preparing for entrance exams, you can guarantee that a private tutor will be a worthwhile expense.


Finding the right tutor is difficult and we would always recommend that you take up references from other families before employing a tutor, as well as ensuring they have a DBS certificate. RocketLearn could also be a good fit for your family if you are looking for a cost-effective way to keep your child learning. We combine online learning programmes with teacher feedback enabling our service to cost only £10/week. Here at RocketLearn we believe that technology can change traditional tutoring and our programme involves experienced teachers ensuring that your child has a learning path to suit them. Explore our website today to find out more about how we can help your child with primary education, ensuring that they’re fully prepared for secondary school.

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