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with Esther Jones from the Reset Academy

These videos were kindly provided by the Reset Academy and are an introduction as to how your thinking style can positively impact your life. We know how hard it is to find good fun activities promoting mental health and believe Esther does this perfectly! 


Session  1 

How do I see the world?


This session introduces the idea that we all see things differently, even when we are looking at the same things. It's good to question how you see things and think about how you can begin to view in world in a different, more positive, light.

Wellbeing Week A Day 1
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Imagine a scenario and describe your feelings, firstly wearing your sad glasses, and then wearing your happy glasses. You can write these ideas down on the different glasses resource if you wish - just click on the button below to download it.

Session 2 

Beliefs vs. Facts


Today, we show how different facts can help support different beliefs and we look at how a belief is different to a fact.  You will be challenged to think of two opposing beliefs and during the day look for evidence to support both.



Think of one of your beliefs and look for evidence in favour and also against. Think about the discussion we had about dogs in the video to support you with this.