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HAF Welcome
This page is for HAF providers in Local Authorities using RocketLearn. From here you can access all of the materials for our holiday camp should you wish to use them in your setting.  Should you experience wet weather, staff absence or need some quiet time we are sure you will find our resources useful.   There are booklets to download should you wish to, together with videos and activities for the children to complete.  

Below you will find links to your booklets and broadcast lessons! All material will be available w/c  - if you need anything else or have any questions please email or call  0113 4508551

Our materials are a great resource to use in your setting. There are online quizzes, downloadable workbooks and activities to accompany the videos.  Our materials were designed by primary school leaders with the aim that children could access them and participate without ANY adult intervention.  We hope you find them a great resource for your HAF programme, whether you are using our well-being or looking at our patterns sessions - there is a lot to keep children occupied.



Lesson booklet downloads:

​​The booklets are optional and do not need to be downloaded for the children to engage in the activities - however if you would like to do so you can download them here.  

Full graphics versions:

School Years 3-4

School Years 5-6

School Years 7-8

Booklet Downloads
Lesson video

Please remember if you would like your children to enter the competitions or receive a certificate for their efforts please email any work to

Any questions regarding the Camp please do let us know via email or give us a call on 0113 450 8551.


Lesson Videos:

The videos are available as and when you wish to use them with your groups. There are four videos in Maths, English and Antics - feel free to use them daily- or all in one go - please click on the relevant button to access them. The Maths will cover UK curriculum, the English will be a creative writing competition and the Antics will be looking at enrichment, looking at the value in learning new skills and trying origami, magic, beat boxing and juggling!  (Please note videos will become available w/c 20th December) There are ten PE challenges and ten well-being sessions - again you can use them as you see fit with your groups. 





All ages (7-13)

All ages (7-13)

All ages (7-13)

English & Afternoon Antics are suitable for all ages. Maths is in three distinct age groups; Bronze (school years 3-4) Silver, (school years 5-6) and Gold (school years 7-8). Children can do more than one level if they choose.

PE Challenges

We also have a series of 10 different short PE challenges brought to you by which you can access. 

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