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Welcome to the RocketLearn Easter Camp! We are so pleased you are joining us.
You can download your timetable here. Each day there will be an English lesson, Maths lesson and a short afternoon broadcast to provoke further thinking – along with competitions and an opportunity to win prizes and certificates.  Remember if you complete the end of week quiz you will be entered into a prize draw to win a Nintendo Switch! We have also got some great wellbeing and PE sessions too. 
Below you will find links to your booklets and broadcast lessons! The broadcasts will go live on Monday 4th April 2022!

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Lesson booklet downloads:

Select the lesson booklet for your age group below. The booklets are in full colour as standard but can be printed in black & white by selecting the "Black and White" printing option in your computer/devices settings when printing. 


If your child has a pen enabled device they can of course complete the booklet digitally. We suggest that you download and/or print the booklet before Monday so your child is all set to go!

School Years 3-4

School Years 5-6

School Years 7-8

Parental tips/answers booklet: 


Lesson Videos:

Video lessons will become available at their time slots. We have given set times as we know children benefit from routine and structure. If you are busy don’t worry, they will remain there all holiday and you can watch them as you wish. Children can also watch the lessons directly by scanning the QR code in the booklets.

Our lessons go live the week commencing Monday 4th April 2022  at the times below, however you can watch them whenever you wish! 



Afternoon Antics

All ages (7-13)

English & Afternoon Antics are suitable for all ages. Maths is in three distinct age groups; Bronze (school years 3-4) Silver, (school years 5-6) and Gold (school years 7-8). Children can do more than one level if they choose.

We also have ten sessions on Wellbeing for you to access. Great for all the family 

How about giving yourself a daily PE challenge? Check out our challenges here - no equipment needed! 


Please remember if you would like your child to enter the competitions or receive a certificate for their efforts please email any work to

Any questions regarding the Camp please do let us know via email or give us a call on 0113 450 8551.

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