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Among Us: A guide for parents

The game Among Us, whilst around for a long time has surged in popularity amongst children in recent months. What is it all about? It is set in space and beyond that think of a cross between crystal maze and cluedo. Players must find out who is the “imposter” and complete tasks along the way. The age rating is 9+ and can be played with friends or strangers. A few tips if your child is playing it:

Anyone playing in the group can message your child – ensure your child knows not to give any personal information out enabling strangers to directly message them, whether that be through Instagram, phone, whats app.

In the settings you can choose to sensor the chat which aims to remove any swearing other players may put in the chat.

Its worth paying the £1.99 for the upgraded version as this removes adverts – some of the adverts can be in appropriate if you have younger children playing.

Hopefully these tips are useful, a fuller guide and explanation as to how to play can be found on the excellent site ParentZone - they also have guides to many other games too.

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