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Summer holidays? Relax and Recharge or keep learning?

Views as to whether a child should partake in learning over the Summer holiday vary widely from one family to the next. There are those families who see the Summer as the perfect time to switch off from the busy term time and give their children the chance to relax and recharge – ready to hit the ground running in September. Equally there are families who like to keep their children learning all Summer, from activity camps to tutoring. Indeed Summer Camps are springing up more and more across the UK, with everything now available from sports to art to music to academic subjects such as science and technology.

You may have heard of the “Summer Slide” this is a term used to explain that over the Summer holidays children forget a lot of the information they have learnt that year in school. There are numerous studies that all confirm that “learning loss” occurs over the Summer with some studies claiming that children lose two months in both Maths and Reading.

Here at RocketLearn we want to help. We have therefore made our Summer Activities FREE to all families, together with a reading list. Our top tips are “little and often”. You will see our Summer School also includes lots of quizzes and online games – this is because we believe the learning should be fun. We want children to have a break – we also want them to enjoy their learning – our deliberately short videos and questions are designed to be fun as well as educational. We’ve also added PE and well-being as we know how important that is.

We hope you find the resources useful – whether you take part for the full two weeks or dip in and dip out all Summer. Here at RocketLearn we believe the key to effective progress is finding a method that works for you as a family – AND importantly focuses on the areas where your child needs it. To access them please sign up here.

Our RocketLearn programme does this by using the latest technology so that children are set work and taught about the areas they need help in – not the ones they can already do. By providing personal videos and setting work families can choose when to complete the work, fitting in with modern day life. We have families who do it online in the car whilst waiting for siblings, those who sit down for a full hour each week, and those who do ten minutes a day – the choice is yours.

If you think your child could benefit from a more personally tailored offering than the Summer School please do sign up to RocketLearn Launch. This will give your child their own weekly learning path (an hour of work each week) tailored to their abilities, together with an experienced UK teacher overseeing it. Still not sure? Book a 15 minute consultation with our Founder, David Winfield, to learn why more families are joining RocketLearn.

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