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Vocabulary - Adaptations Part 2: Figures of Speech.

In the third of our resources on SPaG (Spelling and Grammar), we complete our tour of the Vocabulary strand of the curriculum by looking at different types of figures of speech. Do you know the difference between your clichés and idioms? Between similes and metaphors? And what exactly is Onomatopoeia?! Download the resource to find out this and much more!

Next week, we'll be looking at building words in the Spelling strand of SPaG, so you'll be able to support your child with prefixes, suffixes, compound words and plurals.

We hope you find this resource useful and remember: if you would like a little extra support for your child’s Maths and English, please do have a look at RocketLearn or contact us. We'd be delighted to talk you through how we can help your child.

What is SPaG - Vocabulary-Adaptations 2
Download PDF • 2.52MB

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