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What is SPaG? Your *FREE* complete vocabulary overview.

SPaG is a phrase you will often hear from teachers when talking about English for your child. Whilst you may know what it stands for (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) it can be challenging to understand what it actually means in practice - in part due to the sheer volume of concepts that are taught and need to be understood. With SPaG, it can actually be helpful to think of it in terms of four separate learning strands: Spelling, Vocabulary, Punctuation and Grammar. If you share your email details with us, we will send our you our complete Vocabulary Overview for Parents handy printout which covers word meanings (definitions, antonyms, homonyms, homographs and homophones) and word adaptations (Non-English words, diminutive and gendered words, abbreviations and figures of speech).

We hope you find it useful and remember: if you would like a little extra support for your child’s maths, English and science, please do have a look at the rest of the website or book a call with one of our friendly teachers so we can talk you through how we can help your child.

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