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Cool Christmas Gifts for Children

With Halloween done and dusted you might find yourself Turing to Christmas ideas or indeed you might be one of those mega organised people who has already finished Christmas shopping or one of those who likes to leave it until the last minute.

Whatever your shopping preference we thought it might be useful to give you some quick gift ideas. As children approach the teenage years finding gifts can be tricky. We have put together our top five gifts for children aged 8-13 - we hope at least one of them gives you some inspiration as to what to buy your child this Christmas as a gift or indeed family friends and relatives.

1. Scratch off posters

These are a great idea and can be seen as the modern day equivalent of “collecting” as you scratch off an item every time you have completed it. The traditional world map may seem like a good gift, although in recent times not much scratching has been done! Our favourites are the 100 top bakes scratch off - a great way to enthuse any child bakers you may have in your house. Another favourite is the football ground scratch off- great for any football enthusiasts in your midst.

2. Photo books

With photos all now digital gone are the days of photo albums held together with flimsy pieces of plastic. That said remembering to print off photos or saving them somewhere safe is something many of us fall short on. Why not make your child a Christmas gift in the

form of a photo book using either theirs or your photos. I did this last year and was surprised by how much my children over it - in fact they said it was their best Christmas gift! There are lots of places where you can do this easily - I'd suggest photobox if you haven't yet got an account - do look out for introductory deals, try vistaprint or bonusprint.

3. Throw, Throw Burrito

Here at Rocketlearn there is nothing we like more than a good family game- you can read about our favourites on our previous blog. Our new one for this year’s Christmas list is Throw Throw Burritto . From the makers of exploding kittens (another one of our faves) this game is quick, fun and full of chance- what’s not to like? The perfect Christmas gift for tweens in particular!

4. Diamond art

If you’ve not yet tried this, a word of warning it is seriously addictive. It involved a special instrument that picks up tiny shiny pieces to place them on the picture. It’s a cross between painting by numbers, mosaic and cross-stitch. There are some great designs out there which make fab framed pieces of art work when done and it is a strangely therapeutic and calming activity. A great Christmas gift for boys and girls- and a good way to keep them off screens. A good selection can be found here.

5. LED light strips

These remain a firm hit for for children as a Christmas gift. The downside of them being that if your child sticks them to their bedroom wall they do create an almighty mess. The upside being they can create a great effect to a child’s bedroom and I am told are particularly good for those who like to Instagram. They have reduced in price significantly and can now be bought for around £10. We got ours off

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