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Covid-19: Salvaging the positives for education

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Covid-19 has brought considerable disruption to the education of young people, academically and from a social and wellbeing perspective. Yet the teaching profession has rapidly embraced the considerable benefits to learning that are made possible by adopting new technologies, building new learning paradigms that have strong foundations in academic research, and creating new opportunities for learners.

RocketLearn is just one of the many new initiatives to come out of all this change. It has long been recognised that the school holidays are a vital time for relaxation and recuperation, yet no learning for several weeks does impact on progress. Never before has there been a suitable solution until now - in the form of RocketLearn Online Holiday Camps.

With theoretical underpinnings that can be traced back to the work of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, RocketLearn harnesses many of the benefits of remote learning, especially the approaches that have proven to be particularly successful in the seminal work of John Hattie.

RocketLearn seeks to address the considerable challenge of learning regression during the holidays. It supports children with light, regular activities, whilst recognising the importance of enrichment, promoting confidence and building self-esteem. RocketLearn is clearly going to be an important element of the ‘catch-up’ solution for schools, but we firmly believe that catching up with friends, as well as cultural, social and sporting activities is going to be of paramount importance for the future wellbeing of children - and RocketLearn encourages and allows time for these other elements.

How do children benefit?

By providing engaging, fun activities RocketLearn aims to limit the negative impact of the holidays on children’s learning, especially ‘summer learning loss’. RocketLearn delivers many activities and approaches cited by John Hattie in his ‘Visible Learning’ meta-analysis as having a clearly beneficial impact on student progression - for example, timely feedback, engaging activities to reduce boredom, humour, highly-credible and knowledgeable teachers delivering learning that that has purposeful outcomes. RocketLearn also allows all children to benefit from holiday enrichment activities that would simply be out of reach for many - for example our latest camp included a magic show from a Magic Circle magician!

The benefits to schools

RocketLearn ensures that all pupils in Key Stages 2 and Key Stage 3 have access to high quality UK curriculum-linked ‘light-learning’ and enrichment during every holiday. This means that class teachers no longer have to set and mark holiday homework; supporting teacher wellbeing and saving schools time and money. School leaders can have confidence that the activities are of the very highest quality and that pupils can engage with the activities at a level that is right for them. Quiz data of the children can be shared if desired to help support teachers with formative assessment, and RocketLearn resources can be readily adapted to be used in other activities such as after school clubs.

Getting parents and carers involved

For every holiday camp, there is a 'parents guide’ that provides answers and guidance for grown-ups to help them support their children as effectively as possible. The camps however have been designed for children to access without any parental input. There are certificates and prizes available to motivate children to participate and online leaderboards for those who like the competitive element.

Access for all

RockeLearn camps work on ANY wifi enabled device. They are also incredibly affordable, as there are large economies of scale at play for schools accessing the same high quality material that would have taken months of teacher time and technology to develop.

RocketLearn is £995+VAT (with discounts for small schools) to give children access to seven weeks a year of high quality fun relevant learning. To find out more, visit or click here to book a one-to-one conversation.


What is RocketLearn?

Download our brochure for schools here.

Download PDF • 4.43MB

RocketLearn Holiday Camps are online, differentiated, fun learning activities and experiences that take place for one week each during each school holiday (and two weeks in the summer). They are designed to fill about an hour each day to give children the opportunity to remain mentally active and engaged when not at school. There are short (5-10 minute) daily English and Maths lessons with activities to complete in printable e-books, self-marked online challenges and fun Kahoot! Quizzes. In addition to the UK curriculum linked work, there are daily PE challenges and enrichment activities - from learning magic, to baking, to coding and e-sports, to mindfulness and wellbeing - to name a few. There are also national competitions with prizes and a host of ways to earn certificates that provide development pathways, meaningful outcomes and an opportunity to work with a clear purpose.

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