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Creative Writing Tips

Creative writing can be a tricky topic for children. Too often they will write about the same themes (usually ones close to their hearts) and very often the story ends with the main character being killed off! Learning how to write creatively can be harder to master than other areas such as comprehension and punctuation. Reading a wide range of books is the best way to help children improve with their creative writing - however often parents want something more practical and instant.

This year our Christmas Camp will cover Creative Writing in the English element. Each day there will be a video and worksheet to help children learn how to structure their story, give it a catchy title and think about what genre they are choosing. The areas we look at can be applied to any creative writing story - not just Christmas. If you would like to sign your child up so they can participate in the broadcasts and competition please do so here - if you enter the code ROCKET21 you will also benefit from a free place (usual cost £20).

In the meantime we have put together this helpful checklist to help with creative writing - we hope you find it useful! If you think your child could benefit from further help please do get in touch with us - the beauty of RocketLearn is we focus on your child's area of weakness - so for example, if your child is an English whizz at spelling and comprehension, yet struggles to write creatively, we can work on that - equally we can focus on grammar, spelling or whichever area it is your child needs support.

Brilliant Writing Checklist
Download PDF • 479KB

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