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World Wellbeing Week

You may have seen already, but this week is World Wellbeing Week!

So, what is wellbeing? Wellbeing can be described as a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy, it can mean different things to different people, but there is one mutual aspect to wellbeing; it has never before been so important.

The aim of World Wellbeing Week is to promote awareness of social, physical and emotional wellbeing. Over the past year the focus and awareness on wellbeing has dramatically increased, so to reflect this, our Summer School will be hosting wellbeing sessions provided by the Reset Academy. Children’s wellbeing is crucial to their academic success, therefore wellbeing is now a permanent feature of RocketLearn!

Our Summer School Wellbeing Sessions will include:

  • Looking at how your imagination can influence fears, emotions and actions, the session will also focus on how we have so much control over our imagination. During the session there will be a real-life example of this in action, at the circus!

  • Understanding your power and explaining the difference between external and internal sense of power. During this session children will be encouraged to recognise how they can control their lives. We will look at how children may not have a choice in some activities, but how they do have a choice as to how they respond to it, which can lead to a completely different and more positive experience.

  • Another Summer School Wellbeing Session will look at how holding ourselves to very high standards can be really hard and how important it is to give ourselves a break. This session will open up the idea that it is often our fear of failure that holds us back and stops us from trying new things. Children will be challenged to reduce their high expectations of themselves and have a go at something new, without worrying about getting it wrong - allowing ourselves to fail at something, and accepting it, can be liberating.

Our Two Week Summer School is available from the 12th of July and remains available until the 3rd September. If you would like to learn more or sign up, please click here.

In the meantime, here are three Ways to elevate your wellbeing:

  1. Connect with people Regulate your emotions and reduce anxiety whilst perhaps going on a walk with a friend or having lunch with a loved one

  2. Exercise Regularly - Not only does exercise improve your physical health, it is also brilliant for your mental health!

  3. Practice meditation - Calming the body and the mind whilst focusing your energy on the positives. For meditation tips see our guide here.

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